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Building your ato project

Building predefined entry points

The ato.yaml file can contain predefined build configurations. Those can be defined like so:


        entry: elec/src/your-project.ato:YourModule
        entry: elec/src/your-second-project.ato:YourSecondModule

The ato build command will build the atopile modules for all of those entry points.

For a specific build, you can use the -b or --build option like so:

ato build -b build-name
ato build --build build-name

Building a given entry point

A given entry point can be built like so from your atopile project directory:

ato build elec/src/your-project.ato:YourModule

Building given targets

Those are the targets that can currently be built by atopile:

  • Netlist ("netlist")
  • Bill Of Material ("bom")
  • Designator Map ("designator-map")
  • Manufacturing Data ("mfg-data")
  • Consolidate footprint ("copy-footprints")
  • All of the above ("all")

The target can be specified with the -t or --target like so:

ato build -t target-name
ato build --target target-name