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What the atopile core team are planning to make of this project and approximately how we're planning to get there.

Near-term Features

Within each category, the features are listed in approximate order of priority.

The top-level features themselves are too, but we'll tackle the basics of some domains before the more advanced features of others.

There's a lot to come

This is a living document, not making promises, but it's a good place to start if you're interested in what's coming up. Additionally, there's a lot (more than not) that's not here yet, either because we haven't articulated it yet, and because this page would be enormous if we did.


Language Features

  • Inheritance from
  • Retyping / Replacement ->
  • Physical units 10kOhm 1uF
  • Tolerances 10kOhm +/- 1%
  • Equations / Expressions; relate the parameters of components to specs and solve at compile time
  • Composition / Traits
  • Typing; what is allowed to or must be connected to what?

Component Selection

  • MVP select jelly-beans from JLCPCB
  • Move component database to cloud in order to support more components and component types

Quality Control

  • Generate gerbers in CI
  • Lock files (ensuring consistent builds)
  • DRC in CI
  • Check source code and layouts are in sync

Package Management

Dev tools

  • VSCode extension
  • VSCode basic language server (goto definition)
  • Linting
  • Schematic viewer; imagine side-by-side with the code
  • KiCAD extension


Things we don't have planned out.

  • GUI editor
  • No compatibility with xyz ECAD tool: it takes away from the core of the project; to fundamentally change how hardware engineers work. Currently integrated tools are largely seen as stepping stones away from the explicit interfaces of the past.