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Swoop is an open-source motion based flight controller for drones. It uses an IMU to generate commanded yaw, pitch, and roll angles, and sends these commands to the flight controller over ExpressLRS.



  • 9-axis IMU (mag, gyro, accel)
  • RP2040 (sensor fusion, throttle, status indication)
  • ESP32 S3 (ExpressLRS)
  • SX1280 transceiver (compatible with ExpressLRS)
  • Powered by 1000mah internal LiPo battery (~ 4hrs of flight time)

Block Diagram

Swoop Block Diagram


  • Status LEDs
  • USB-C for programming and debugging
  • hall-sensor for throttle control


Second version of the board is currently in manufacturing to add CAN bus and I2C communication.

  • Power supply bring-up
  • Battery charging circuit bring-up
  • IMU bringup
  • IMU calibration
  • IMU sensor fusion
  • ExpressLRS integration (FLRC)
  • Binding with ExpressLRS receivers
  • Add display and buttons for ExpressLRS configuration

Initial Testing

Swoop Bringup Process


Interested? We are looking for collaborators! Check out the repo and discord for more information on how to get started!