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Pin Configuration

Say you've got SomeIC, which has two signals (configure_me and configure_me_too) to set its I2C address. You want to write a module which supports all these addresses in a simple manner.

You can do something like this!

module SomeIC:
    signal configure_me ~ config.bit_0
    signal configure_me_too ~ config.bit_1
    # etc... (do power and what not as required)

    # Replace me!
    config = new _ConfigBase
    # You could also enforce this with an
    #   assertion if you really wanted to

module _ConfigBase:  # <--- Prefixed with the underscore implies private
    """Must be replaced with an actual configuration."""
    power = new Power
    signal bit_0
    signal bit_1

module Config0x70 from _ConfigBase:
    """For selecting address 0x70"""
    bit_0 ~ power.gnd
    bit_1 ~ power.gnd

module Config0x71 from _ConfigBase:
    """For selecting address 0x71"""
    bit_0 ~ power.vdd  # <--- see this bit is now high?
    bit_1 ~ power.gnd

# etc...

Then, when you go to use SomeIC you can just do:

some_ic = new SomeIC
some_ic.config -> Config0x70

Something not here?

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