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SPIN is a BLDC motor controller using the SimpleFOC library. Designed as a reference project, hopefully serving as a starting point for your own projects with motor control!

Slow to Fast HQ


  • 3-phase BLDC nema 17 motor
  • 12-24V power supply
  • 2A continuous current, 5A peak current
  • 14bit magnetic encoder (0.02° resolution)


  • XT30 power connector (x2 for daisy chaining)
  • JST-GH 4-pin CAN bus connector (x2 for daisy chaining)
  • Stemma/Qwiic I2C connector
  • Addressable RGB LEDs for status indication
  • USB-C for programming and debugging


Second version of the board is currently in manufacturing to add CAN bus and I2C communication.

  • Power supply bring-up
  • Open loop velocity control
  • Closed loop current control
  • Position control with magnetic encoder
  • CAN bus control (position, velocity, current)
  • CAN bus motion profile
  • I2C communication
  • Enumeration with multiple devices


Interested in building your own SPIN or helping out with the project? Check out the repo and discord for more information on how to get started!